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Since it doesn't affect me anymore, I'm more open to the "Well, it's a private business..." argument (human nature, I guess! The problem is that the sites may not tell you their conversion policy. They let you spend three hours filling in your profile, it gets sent for approval, and then you get an email rejecting your profile "because you're not Jewish." One service was kind enough to call me to give me the news in person, as though it isn't hurtful enough to read.After twice being treated that way, I gave them a healthy piece of my mind (as did several others around the same time, I later found out).It seems like every single (as in "not in a relationship") conversion candidate finally has the day when "it" hits: the overwhelming desire to create a profile on a Jewish dating website.

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It really depends on a lot of factors and also on the person you’re dealing with.

I used JDate in college ("willing to convert") and was surprised how many used the site to look for one-night stands.

Apparently, it made their mothers happy because "If you're going to do one night stands, do them with Jewish girls because eventually you're going to like someone the next morning." I'm told this issue is less of a problem post-college.

The rules of traditional Jewish that define who is a Jew are still the same. If you want to guess, it probably relates to the fact that you can more easily and definitively prove the connection between a child and its mother than between a child and its father. So you need to be born of a Jewish mother to be considered Jewish.

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It’s pretty simple: if your mother is Jewish, you’re Jewish too. IF Mom = Catholic AND Dad = Jew THEN You = Non-Jew 3. In traditional Judaism the religion is defined by the mother, period. But wait, there’s another way to enter the tribe: Conversion.You’re probably Jewish yourself (why else would you want to use a Jewish dating site, right?

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