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Amy Wong's Under the Canopy of Love, starring Kevin Cheng, Bosco Wong and her, in the February of the following year also helped establish her popularity.

An indirect sequel with the same cast and crew, The Seventh Day, came out February 2008.

She filmed Sakura Memories (櫻紅醉), a travel documentary programme on Japan, in the spring of 2009 which aired on TVB in August 2009.

Niki signed with BMA Records in 2005 and released her debut EP Pure Niki in the August of that year. She is also the author of several books, including Girlfriend Diary (周麗淇·女朋友手記; 2005), a book of the same title as her 2006 album The Child Woman (2006), Detailed Little Things (細味心事; 2007), Happiness (幸福; 2009), and Cherish (珍惜; 2010).

Raymond’s wife and son immediately flew to Guangzhou when they heard the news, but did not manage to arrive before he passed away.

Raymond’s wife revealed, “Raymond passed away at around two in the morning.

K-ent has been having too much fun with big star dating news this past week, time to share the buzz with China and it’s a doozy at that.

Top Chinese stars Feng Shao Feng and Zhao Li Ying were spotted all masked and trying to look incognito while out on a date, but their cover was blown multiple ones.

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Thank you for acting out so many interesting roles for the audience, thank you for leading all of us juniors as a senior. Thank you for the care you showed to our colleagues. PHOTO: LYNN HUNG’S WEIBO HONG KONG •Model Lynn Hung is now Mrs Kwok.