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She began her contact with the Jesuits and Father Goicoechea became her spiritual advisor.In Puerto Rico, she founded the Association of the Sodality of the Virgin Mary and the schools for the disadvantaged where she taught reading and writing, as well as catechism.After 10 days she left the convent as she came to the realization that this was not her vocation.She then began to give all of her attention to her apostolic work.At the same time she accompanied Father Tarin to Andalucía to help in the missions.In 1900, Dolores participated in a pilgrimage to Rome for the celebration of the Holy Year.

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Her parents, Tomas Rodríguez Sopeńa and Nicolasa Ortega Salomon, had moved from Madrid to Velez Rubio due to employment.Ciríaco Sancha, she founded the Association of the Apostolic Laymen (which today is known as the Sopeńa Lay Movement).