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With the impending sale of the site our mission this year was to record the bunker and the surrounding surface buildings before the new owners move in.We did visit Falkenhagen in 2001 but, considering the size of the complex, the tour was short with little time to take more than a cursory look at the site.This location was chosen, amongst other reasons, due to its reasonable proximity to the Wehrmacht's experimental site and laboratories in Kummersdorf, close to Wnsdorf and lying some 45 km south of Berlin (small quantities of the incendiary agent - see below - were produced initially in Kummersdorf).This site was originally designed at the end of 1938 with construction following in mid-1939, under the auspices of the Army's Armaments Office (Heereswaffenamt) as a military factory.Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends.It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.About 200 rounds of ammunition was found in an underground car park in West Berlin - but officers quickly ruled out any terror link.The discovery came with Germany still on high alert after a wave of terror attacks and almost a year after a jihadist killed 12 by crashing a lorry through a market in the city.

As usual the visit was co-ordinated by Mike Barton, one of our most active members living in Germany, Mike was able to arrange official access to the sites and it was nice to have a key to the front gate at Falkenhagen so we were able to drive right into the centre of the complex hidden deep in woodland.

Earlier this month, experts made safe a device filled with nails that was delivered to a pharmacy near a Christmas market in the German city of Potsdam near Berlin.

During our first visit to East Germany in 2001 it was quickly apparent that the country was literally littered with bunkers of every size and type serving a multitude of different agencies.

Many of the WW2 bunkers were rebuilt and extended but many new bunker sites were also selected.

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This bunker mentality carried on unabated until the end of the cold war and just as in Britain, many of the later bunkers that were under construction as the cold war drew to a close were never completed or commissioned.The excessive heat set free would also have resulted in the individual bunkers being put out of action. Conventional artillery fire and bombs were ineffective.