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vegetative cells—changes that affect metabolic activity, needs, and respiratory potential.

The germination of resting stages requires light, which mandates their water column resuspension or that light penetrates to the sediment–water boundary layer photostimulating to break out from its dormant stage.

Her udnytter man mediernes egen retorik og troværdighed til at skrive ofte provokerende nyheder, som mange hopper på, selv om de for en skeptisk granskning afslører sig selv – både i kraft af deres usandsynlighed og så fordi det er kutyme at nævne datoen i teksten eller indslaget.

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That body of work also has demonstrated that silica and its concentrations determine whether resting spores or resting cells are produced once dormancy is induced; that differences and changes occur in protectant xanthophyll cycle pigments and in the biochemical composition of resting spores vs.

Unlike most coastal diatoms, produces a physiological resting cell that explains its dormancy and capacity for physiological recovery, in agreement with the conclusion reached by Mc Quoid et al.